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Missouri HR Day 2016

    May 2, 2016

    Missourians celebrated Human Resources Day on Monday (5/2). It’s a fairly new occasion..first celebrated in 2013. There was a gathering at Briarbrook Country Club sponsored by the Tri-State Human Resource Association. Shara Gamble, the Association’s president, tells News Talk KZRG about Monday’s event.

    “We’re gathering all HR professionals in the area together to recognize their efforts, things that they’ve accomplished in their positions, helping employers.”

    Gamble says human resources used to be thought of as simply a company’s personnel office, but now the job entails much more. “So now a human resources professional today is responsible for being a strategic thinker, for being an active participant in conversations around finance, around workforce planning.”

    She adds that universities are offering degrees in the human resources field, including Missouri Southern and Pittsburg State.

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